Ischemic Stroke

What is an ischemic stroke?

The most common cause of a stroke is when one of the brain arteries closes off (typically the middle cerebral artery). This commonly happens in patients in their 70s or 80s.

What are the signs and symptoms of an ischemic stroke?

If the stroke occurs in the left middle part of the brain, the right body half (right arm, right leg and right face) will be paralyzed. With a right-hand dominant person the speech center cheap authentic jordans is located on the left hemisphere close to the motor center, so that the ability to speak may have disappeared. Sudden severe headaches often occur as well.

Partial blindness in a typical, but complicated pattern would appear. If the stroke is big, there can be sudden unconsciousness and there might be a generalized seizure. Even, when conscious, the patient may hear, but may not be able to process what is heard or maybe unable to speak.

How is an ischemic stroke diagnosed?

Depending on what the clinical situation is the physician may do tests such as an emergency CT or MRI scan. However, the most important step initially is the stabilization of the patient. Then it depends on many factors what the physician will do next.

How is an ischemic stroke treated?

Stabilization cheap China Jerseys is the most important step such as giving oxygen by mask and starting a mannitol drip to minimize the pressure effect onto the brain from the swelling of the brain tissue around the stroke area. In the unconscious patient an airway has to be maintained and the patient has to be protected from vomiting and possible aspiration. Intensive one-on-one nursing is required.

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