What is hypertension and its risk to pregnancy?

High blood pressure in a pregnant woman leads to blood vessel damage of the placenta, heart, and kidney. The changes in these vital organs lead to an cheap nba jerseys accelerated form to eclampsia with seizures, strokes, shock, and kidney failure. Fortunately, this full picture of eclampsia is rare as the physician Cheap Ray Bans constantly checks for pre-eclampsia, the earliest form of pregnancy induced hypertension.

The three key signs of pre-eclampsia include: hypertension, edema, and protein leakage through the kidneys into the urine. About 12% of mothers who are pregnant for the first time and 6% of mothers who have had multiple pregnancies develop this syndrome. The chances are higher in twin pregnancies. Pre-existing kidney disease or hypertension make a pregnant woman more susceptible to developing pre-eclampsia earlier in the pregnancy.

How is pre-eclampsia treated?

When pre-eclampsia develops, bedrest is the first line of defence and sometimes reinforced in the hospital setting. If this does not lead to a satisfactory resolution, magnesium sulfate by intravenous drip is used.

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