Ghout and Crystal Arthritis

What is gout?

Gout is an inflammatory joint disease where uric acid crystals are deposited into joint fluid and around the joint capsule. It is caused when a patient has an excess of uric acid in their system that develops into uric acid crystals. The crystals are then spontaneously deposited in tissue with a lack of blood supply such as tendons, joints, ligaments, or su cooler tissues such as ear lobes.

Who does it affect?

Gout affects patients who’s systems can’t handle uric acid cheap jordans for sale in a regular way. Most cases of gout are in adults that overindulge in meals containing large helping of meat in combination with consumption of alcohol. It is also common for patients with leukemia, lymphomas, haemolytic anemias or other cancers. Males are much more commonly affected by gout than females by a ratio of 20:1.

Some children are born with an enzyme defect which leads to uric acid kidney stones, severe gout and kidney damage at a young age.

What is crystal arthritis (pseudogout)?

Crystal arthritis is similar to gout however CPPD crystals are formed as a by-product of degenerative or metabolic tissue change. It is often associated with other rheumatological diseases such as calcific rotator cuff tendinitis, calcific bursitis, degenerative arthritis and gout. There are also associations with metabolic diseases such as hypothyroidism, hemochromatosis, hyperparathyroidism and amyloidosis. It is a disease that affects those of 60 years and older.

What are the signs and symptoms of crystal arthritis? How is it diagnosed?

It presents as Wholesale nfl Jerseys an acute attack similar to gout, affecting mainly the knee, wrist or shoulder.
Diagnosis is often more difficult than that of gout as the crystals are not as concentrated. However, with centrifugation and a lab that specializes in its detection the diagnosis is easier to make.

How is crystal arthritis treated?

Colchicine therapy is used to help with acute joint pain and can be used at a low dosage for long-term maintenance therapy. Using this therapy has toxic side effects on the bone marrow and kidneys.
Anti-inflammatories such as NSAIDs or Cox-2 inhibitors help arthritis of joints and calcific tendinitis or bursitis cases affected by crystal arthritis.

Occasionally there is a patient where all therapies fail and severe joint destruction results.

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