Edwards Syndrome

What is Edwards’ syndrome?

Edwards’ syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality where there is an extra copy of chromosome 18 It occurs with a frequency Reacción of 1 in 6500 births. This syndrome leads to several serious malformations that interfere with a normal life expectancy.

What are the signs and symptoms of Edwards’ syndrome?

The child is usually born with the following physical characteristics:

  • low birth weight;
  • small mouth (microstomia);
  • small jaw (micrognathia);
  • small head (microcephalus);
  • oversized back of the head (prominent occiput);
  • low set malformed ears;
  • gap between second and third fingers;
  • small pelvis;
  • missing ribs (only 11 pairs present);
  • defect of the iris of the eye (coloboma);
  • flexion deformities of fingers; and
  • rocker-bottom feet.

In addition these signs, children have severe mental problems due to a brain deformity with additional folds on the brain surface (extra gyri). Congenital kidney and heart Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses abnormalities may be life limiting abnormalities in addition to the mental retardation.

The most devastating fact is that 99% of children born with Edward syndrome have congenital heart disease and other heart related problems (including: ventricular septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus or pulmonary stenosis).

How is Edwards’ syndrome treated?

As this is a genetic syndrome, there is no treatment available. These individuals will need a supportive environment and often live in a specialized home that is equipped to provide proper care.

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