Ear, Nose, Throat

What is ENT?

ENT (Otolaryngology) is a branch of medicine that focuses on ear, nose, and throat diseases.

Ear problems occur when there is a change in the Eustachian tube. This tube connects the middle ear to the back of the throat and is crucial in the ventilation of the middle ear. Ear problems are caused by viral illnesses, allergies, scarring, and enlarged adenoids (found close to the entrance of the Eustachian tubes).

Ear problems include:

·       Acoustic neuroma – form of brain tumour that involves benign tissue growth in hearing canal;

·       Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo;

·       Deafness;

·       Ear infection (external otitis);

·       Mastoiditis;

·       Meniere’s disease;

·       Middle ear infection (otitis media);

·       Mumps;

·       Parotid gland stones;

·       Parotid gland tumours;

·       Presbycusis;

·       Tinnitus; and

·       Vertigo (dizziness).

Nose problems leave a patient with breathing difficulties. This can occur due to a plugged-up nose from the common cold, allergies, polypoid lesions, a nose fracture, sinus problems, enlarged adenoid glands, and nose bleeds.

Other nose problems include:

·       Enlarged adenoids;

·       Nose bleeds;

·       Nose cancer;

·       Polyps;

·       Rhinitis;

·       Rhinosinusitis (nasal discharge with pus) ;

·       Sinusitis;

·       Sleep apnea;

·       Snoring; and

·       Stuffy nose.

Throat problems

Common throat problems include:

·       Chronic Obstrucive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – Smoker’s cough;

·       Common cold;

·       Hoarseness;

·       Laryngitis;

·       Mononucleaosis;

·       Throat cancer;

·       Throat swelling (epiglottitis);

·       Tonsillitis;

·       Vocal cord polyp or tumour; and

·       Voice strain – strain of How the voice in professional speakers, teachers, sport coaches, etc.

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