Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

What is dysfunctional uterine bleeding?

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding is the most common abnormality of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Ordinarily the first day of the period would be 28 days (26 to 30 range) apart. When there has not been an ovulation in the ovary (no egg release) in that cycle, it causes a dysfunctional bleeding. In 50% of cases, this happens in women older than 45 years; 20% in adolescents.

What are the signs and symptoms of dysfunctional uterine bleeding?

As there is a persistent ovarian follicle where estrogen is produced when ovulation does not occur, the lining of the uterus grows more than usual. This leads to a Amerika heavy menstrual period that might be late or irregular. Women with such conditions as polycystic ovary disease (PCOD) or endometriosis often have dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

How is dysfunctional uterine bleeding treated?

Treatment might be quite different depending on the age of the woman, the underlying disease process and the severity of bleeding. cheap jordans for sale If the bleeding is mild to moderate, the birth control pill might be used. The effect often sets in within 12 to 24 hours. This will also regulate the periods.

Should this fail cheap nfl jerseys to stop the bleeding, a dilatation of the cervical canal and curretage of the uterus is usually performed. This method stops the bleeding and provides the physician with lining Cheap Jerseys material from the uterine cavity which can be sent to the pathologist for analysis. If no egg was released and the woman would like to get pregnant, then clomiphene citrate (brand name: Clomid) Ray Ban Outlet can be given or else human chorionic gonadotropin. Usually these specialized treatments are given and supervised by a gynecologist/obstetrician.

If the patient is obese, a dietary plan to reduce sugar and starch consumption Oakleys sunglasses Outlet will help to shed some weight and will normalize blood insulin levels.

In cases of polycystic ovaries, where often there is also syndrome of insulin resistance present at the same time, treatment of insulin resistance will help balance the female hormones and thyroid dysfunction. Every case needs to be investigated by a specialist.

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