What is chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted infection.

What are the signs and symptoms of chlamydia?

Signs and symptoms of chlamydia custom jerseys in men include:

  • infection of the urethra (urethritis);
  • mild pain with urination (dysuria);
  • pussy mucous discharge from the urethra;
  • opening of the urethra on the penis can be red and inflamed; and
  • initial blistering lesion on the genitals several days after exposure.

In women symptoms are not as clearly defined. They may be completely cheap jordans for sale asymptomatic or have a combination of the following signs and symptoms:

  • vaginal discharge;
  • reddish inflammation of the cervical lining;
  • mild pain with urination (dysuria);
  • pain with sex (dyspareunia);
  • urinary frequency; and
  • pelvic pain.

How is chlamydia diagnosed?

A morning urethral swab Cheap Football Jerseys is most likely to show under the microscope and after Gram staining that there are pus cells and some epithelial cells present, but no bacteria if it is a pure chlamydia infection. Specific chlamydia tests can be sent to the laboratory for positive identification with a fairly high cheap authentic jordans accuracy.

How is chlamydia treated?

Chlamydia infection is treated with Azithromycin once or else with ofloxazine twice per day for 7 days. Alternatively tetracycline four times per day or doxycyline wice per day for 7 days can be used. If there are recurrences, a more prolonged course of tetracycline or doxycycline for 3 or 4 weeks can be employed.

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