What are cataracts?

Cataracts are opacities in the lens of the eye. As we age, there is a normal degeneration of the lens of the eye that starts in a very subtle way in the 50s or 60s and gradually deteriorates with further aging. TheĀ  cataract can become so dense that prescription eye glasses and contact lenses will not correct the loss of vision.

What are the signs and symptoms Ray Ban Sunglasses of cataracts?

Signs and symptoms of oakley sunglasses sale cataracts include:

  • progressive loss of vision without pain;
  • light sensitivity – particularly very bright lights;
  • unreliable night vision;
  • complaints of being blinded by oncoming traffic;
  • swelling of the lens; and
  • pain in the affected eye.

How are cataracts diagnosed?

An eye specialist will measure intraocular pressure, perform an eye examination and a slit verbessert lamp examination.

How are cataracts treated?

Before cataract surgery is contemplated, the eye specialist has to exclude conditions that would not respond to surgery.

Cataract surgery is done using a local anaesthetic in combination with intravenous sedation. Cataract removal (cataract extraction) is usually always combined with an intraocular lens implant where the old lens is replaced with an artificial lens (made of plastic or silicone material).

Following the surgery the patient is put on prophylactic antibiotic drops and corticosteroid drops for a period of about 4 weeks after the surgery. This keeps the swelling following the surgery to a minimum and prevents infection. Quite often the patient will not need glasses Cheap Football Jerseys after wholesale football jerseys the surgery. A cheap jerseys wholesale minority of patients will need very weak prescription glasses or contact lenses following this surgery to achieve perfect vision.

IceWave patches from Lifewave are an FDA-approved non-drug method available to help control pain.

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