Blood Loss

How can blood loss cause anemia?

Anemia can commonly be caused by either acute or chronic blood loss. These syndromes are two very different clinical conditions.

Anemia due to Fake Oakleys acute blood loss is the result of a massive bleeding (hemorrhage) caused by trauma or disease. Sudden loss of one third of the blood volume may be fatal and can cause severe symptoms. Despite the symptoms of dizziness, faintness, sweating, and rapid pulse, und the red blood count may be high. Within a few hours, the body attempts to replace the missing blood volume dropping the red blood cell count.

Anemia due to chronic blood loss may be caused by a prolonged moderate blood loss. A bleeding stomach ulcer, hemorrhoids, bleeding in the urinary tract or from the uterus can be potential sources of this blood loss.

How is anemia due to blood loss diagnosed?

Laboratory tests are used in the diagnosis of anemia due to blood loss to identify iron levels within the patient. As laboratory medicine in the area of blood disorders is extremely complex, diagnosis typically involves a hematologist (specialist in blood disease) to provide input during diagnosis and treatment.

How is anemia due to blood loss treated?

Treatment is focused on an attempt to stop the bleeding (repair of a torn blood vessel). Blood volume is restored and, if necessary, there may be treatment for shock. Fluid infusion, rest, iron supplements, and whole blood transfusions may also be used.

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