Birth Control

What is birth control or contraception?

Birth control or contraception is any method used to prevent pregnancy despite normal sexual intercourse.

Birth control methods include:

What birth control method is appropriate for various age groups?

Here is a rough guideline for choosing contraception methods in various age groups:

  • Teens to 25: Birth control pill and condoms
  • 26 to 35: Birth control pills, diaphragm and condoms equally effective; IUD if there is a steady partner
  • 35 and above: Tubal ligation, vasectomy, diaphragms, and condoms

There are different requirements for different age groups. In the younger age group ray ban outlet there is more concern about prevention of sexually transmitted disease (such as STDs and AIDS), but also a desire to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. A combination of condoms and the birth control pill is likely Cheap Jerseys From China the best combination.

By the mid twenties, the confusion about finding the right life partner has settled for many. Once there is a stable relationship and both partners are free of STDs, contraception is needed mainly to prevent pregnancy.

For those above 35,  the couple may want to decide to have either a vasectomy (for the male) or a tubal ligation (for the female) done as a permanent sterilization procedure.

If this is not acceptable for various reasons, then other methods including the Billings method could Cheap MLB Jerseys be used. Beyond age 35 for a woman there is an ever increasing risk for genetic abnormalities of the offspring.

With very disciplined couples natural family planning such as the Billings method may be the method of choice.

How do church groups feel about birth control?

Certain churches are opposed to the birth control pill because it is seen as an interference into the natural hormone balance of a woman’s body. However, some women have extremely irregular and heavy periods. These women are allowed contraception by the Catholic church as the contraceptive effect in this case is considered wholesale nfl jerseys a side effect.

There is also a body of literature surrounding hormone replacement in menopause that also questions whether jordans for sale every woman needs replacement. In 2001 there was a consensus that only a certain proportion likely needs hormone replacement.

Since then various publications appeared in 2004 and 2005 suggesting that there are inherent risks in estrogen administration leading to a small, but measurable risk of heart attacks and strokes. Ask your physician for a frank discussion about these matters. кухня Discuss these things with your partner and with your minister, priest or religious leader.

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