What Cheap Jordans is angina?

Angina is a heart condition where the coronary arteries show a certain amount of narrowing and one area of the heart muscle gets less blood (less nutrients and oxygen).

Risk factors include cigarette smoking, a lack of physical activity, and a family history of heart attacks or premature deaths etc.

What are the signs and symptoms of angina?

Signs and symptoms of angina include chest, left arm, and/or mid-upper abdominal pain.

How is angina diagnosed?

Angina is diagnosed by electrocardiogram (ECG), fasting cholesterol level (total and HDL cholesterol) and an exercise tolerance test or a thallium stress test. A thorough examination including a careful auscultation of the heart (listening to the heart sounds with the stethoscope) would complete the examination.

How is angina treated?

Signs and symptoms of angina tend to subside with rest. Nitroglycerin tablets or spray will often be very useful in treating angina. An angioplasty (procedure where a catheter with a balloon is introduced to the narrowed segment of the coronary artery and a 70 or 80% lesion is opened up completely) may be performed.

Occasionally there might be a lesion which is too advanced to Cheap Jordan Sale do angioplasty or angioplasty might fail, in which case a cardiovascular surgeon can do a heart by pass surgery where an artery from cheap nfl jerseys the chest wall (the internal mammary artery) is used to over-bridge the clogged coronary artery.

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