Analyzing eating

How do you analyze eating habits?

Analyzing eating habits involves taking note of current patterns and selections regarding daily cheap nfl jerseys food intake. Here is a sample of questionable food habits:

7.00 a.m.: Breakfast: One cup of coffee or tea, glass of orange juice. Off to work!

10.00 a.m.: Hungry! Bagel with cream cheese, (or donut or muffin). Coffee, tea or cola.

12.00/Noon: Soup, ham and cheese sandwich (or burger). Diet pop.

3.30 p.m.: Snack consisting of coffee and cookies. (Or maybe no snack – no time!)

6.30 p.m.: Dinner. The works: Salad, a large steak, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, cheese cake for dessert.

10.00 p.m.: Watching the game on TV. Chips, dip, popcorn, or ice cream with fudge sauce.

During the night: midnight snack with whatever found in fridge.

Here are a few reasons why the eating plan listed above should be altered:

Breakfast: The morning begins with skipping breakfast and a 10 a.m. breakdown and consumption of a nutritionally deficient breakfast. The meal is filled with carbohydrates and fat, and lacks protein and vitamins.
Lunch: More carbohydrates! Carbohydrates are not bad, but the carbs listed are high density, which are doing a disservice to insulin level. The hamburger will have some protein, but it is too high in fats. A sandwich wholesale nfl jerseys stacked with a high sodium and high fat sandwich meat would not be ideal either.

The snack was not the best choice, to put it mildly. Eating nothing at all is not a brilliant choice either.

Dinner: It is very heavy duty. Ideally the steak would be lean, but 16 ounces are too much. Mashed potatoes, peas, and carrots are a lot of dense carbohydrates, and the Art cheesecake has more, plus a load of dairy fat and sugar.

Snack: Ice cream gives you the sugar buzz you have been wanting, and you augmented it with the fudge sauce. Here comes more dairy fat! Chips and pop are supplying you with lots of trans fats, dense carbs and sugar, along with an overdose of sodium.

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