Acute Stress Disorder

What is acute stress disorder?

In this disorder a traumatic event causes the patient to experience various anxiety symptoms, which are similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The symptoms, have to occur within 1 month of the traumatic event, have to last at least 2 days and have to be resolved within 4 weeks at the latest. If symptoms wholesale nfl jerseys persist beyond that the patient would likely be considered to have PTSD. This would still have to be qualified by an interview with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

What are the signs and symptoms of acute stress disorder?

In general, the patient finds it difficult to experience pleasure and feels guilty in carrying on with normal activities of life. правил The patient may feel detached from the body and have difficulties remembering important aspects of the traumatic event. Despite the memory loss regarding one aspect of the traumatic event there cheap oakleys is a cheap jerseys wholesale constant re-experiencing of certain other aspects. Like in PTSD the patient will avoid the places, events or people that cheap oakleys remind the patient of the traumatic event.

How is acute stress disorder treated?

Treatment consists of removing the patient from the source of the acute stress disorder, if this has not already taken place. The patient is then provided with an opportunity to vent feelings, to retell the story of what cheap ray ban sungalsses happened, how it happened and what the patient experienced. Many patients benefit from telling their story several times, finding it gradually less and less stressful.

The patient may need some medication to help with falling asleep easier. Small doses of trazodone (brand name: Desyrel, Trazon, Trialodine) are superior to hypnotics like zopiclone (brand names: Rhovane, Imovane).

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