Abnormal Labour

What is abnormal labor?

Labor complications or abnormal labor are anything that is different from what is described as normal. Often there can be a very fast transition from an apparently normal course to a completely abnormal one.

What would warrant an emergency cesarean section?

In child delivery, things are not always predictable. Cheap Football Jerseys The heartbeat Sie can suddenly go down to dangerously low beats. The mother’s blood pressure can go up and she jordans for cheap may seizure. In order to rescue the baby, the mother or both, the physician may have to act very quickly and arrange an emergency cesarean section, which by itself has a certain risk of mortality. Inaction in situations like this can have disastrous consequences for the baby or the mother. At times the explanation may only be understood later when the physician can explain in more details what had led to the emergency cesarean section. For instance, discount oakley the physician may be worried that there are umbilical cord problems.

As long as the fetal heart rate recovers between labor pains, the baby may not be in distress. In cheap jerseys these situations, the health care provider must decide the right thing to do. It might be important to gain a few seconds or minutes for the sake of the baby’s brain development (lack of oxygen at this vulnerable stage is a major cause of learning disability) and rush the delivery along with a gentle forceps delivery. Contrary to what many people believe, a gentle forceps pull or a vacuum extraction with a bell applied to the baby’s head and assisted pulls during labor pains will cheap jerseys wholesale not harm the baby’s head or neck.

What is induction of labor:?

There are certain situations where it would be too risky to wait for spontaneous labor.

For instance, in a high-risk setting the specialist may decide to do a fetal stress test or non-stress test which involves 30 minutes of fetal monitoring. If the woman is close to her expected delivery date and the stress test looks like labor would be imminent, labor may then be induced with the help of a syntocinon drip. This is only an emergency tool for the specialist, not a convenient way to end a normal pregnancy.

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