Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain

What is abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain is located in the abdomen and can cheap jordan shoes be caused by different organs within бурых the area. This type of pain must always be taken seriously Cheap Jerseys as life threatening situation can arise out of it, but on the other hand, it is possible that the pain is due to psychological reasons.

How is abdominal pain diagnosed?

A physician performs an examination to determine what diagnoses could be behind the type of abdominal pain presented, called differential diagnosis. To ensure cheap nfl jerseys that no diagnosis is overlooked, the physician creates a list of all the possible diagnoses and then excludes them to determine the final diagnosis.

What are the signs and symptoms of abdominal pain?

Depending on cheap jerseys wholesale the location of the organ that is causing the abdominal pain, the exact pain location varies. The strength of pain and associated symptoms will also vary depending on the underlying cause.

What is the treatment for abdominal pain?

Treatment for abdominal pain must be individualized, as each of the potential causes is very different. Within each section below it is possible to find specific treatments based on the condition. There are however, common themes across the causes. In the case discount oakley of infection, intravenous antibiotics are given. If there is an abscess (eg. liver abscess or perforated appendix) then there is a surgical drainage alongside antibiotic treatment. A cancerous growth requires surgical removal. Other causes also require pain treatment. Quite a number of diseases are treated through intravenous fluid to give the gut a rest.

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